Our Platform Changes Everything
No one does procurement like we do. Our tech platform lets us offer what the industry’s been lacking - a simpler experience, faster access to pricing information, clearer comparisons and friendlier service. You could say we’re taking procurement from to this .
Platform Features
Just Simple Enough
We get that energy is complicated, and we’ve been working hard to build out the software and processes necessary so that anyone can sign up and know they’re getting a fair price. All we need is a utility bill and signed permission to get started!
Data Into Action
1,000,000. That’s the number of unique rates we pull in each day from our network of 35 energy suppliers. And it’s easy for us to layer in custom rates for customers with larger loads (and larger portfolios). We use these data points, plus the utility’s benchmark rate data to craft the best energy plans tailored to each customer.
Never Miss An Opportunity
Most brokers can only focus on customers that are currently actively shopping for energy. Our automation and access to pricing data means Nextility can serve customers who are actively shopping and those who aren’t yet aware of a savings opportunity.
Clarity Is Key
Our customers and partners love our concise and transparent customer energy proposals. In addition to peace of mind, they’re pretty partial to the savings, too - we’ve helped our customers save an average of $1,400 a year.
A lot of times you’ll find customers that are on long term contracts. If you have the time and technology to serve them, you can earn their business. Nextility gives us that advantage.”
Garrett Stackman, Greenavise. Procurement Partner since 2014.
Why Use Our Platform
Adding energy procurement to your product lineup pays - both in real revenue for you, and savings for your customers. Energy suppliers pay us a referral fee for each customer we enroll with them. You'll get a portion of that fee for each of your customers that sign up. Learn more