Is the utility’s default service right for your business?

Here’s a few reasons why a competitive energy rate through Nextility trumps the utility’s default offering (sometimes referred to as the standard offer service).

Who offers a better choice in types of rates?

Nextility offers a wide variety of rate structures (e.g. Fixed, Variable) so that we can offer you a rate that meets your needs. Utilities usually have a very limited choice of rates. With utility rates it’s “One Size Fits All” – which isn’t always the right fit for you.

Who provides the most competitive rates?

Nextility works with over 20 top competitive energy suppliers so that we can offer our customers the most competitive rates available in the marketplace. Utility rates are regulated and determined by rate case, which may or may not reflect true competitive market conditions.

Who protects you best from energy price spikes?

With Nextility, we offer our customers Full Requirements Fixed Prices for up to 36 months. That means no price spikes and no surprises for the full term of your contract. Your utility standard offer service rates are only set for 3, 6 or 12 month periods. Rates during Summer and Winter peak periods often spike right when you use the most energy.

Who insures reliability of your energy?

There is no difference in reliability when you work with Nextility. You continue to be a utility customer and they will make sure your energy is as reliable as ever.

Who provides better customer service?

With Nextility, you will be assigned a real person to handle your account. We compete for your business. We strive to earn it. Utilities are regulated monopolies. They are not known for providing world class customer service. Are we wrong?

Who provides a single bill for your energy?

When you work with Nextility, you will get billed by the utility just like before. Everything stays the same except you pay a lower rate.

Who is really the safest choice?

Nextility gives customers all the benefits of choice by giving you access to the lowest cost energy in the marketplace and by doing everything we can do to compete for your business. Utilities may seem like the safe choice but when you look hard you will find out that they don’t offer the range of rates and services offered in the competitive marketplace. With utilities, you can forget the benefits of choice.