Should You Work Directly With A Supplier?

Here are 8 important things to know about working with suppliers – and how we compare.

Why should I use Nextility rather than going directly to the supplier?

Nextility takes the work and worry out of shopping for energy. We work with over 20 top competitive energy suppliers so we can get access to the lowest cost energy available in the market. When you go directly to a small selection of suppliers, you may miss the best available deal because you get a limited view of the market’s pricing. With our technology-based platform, we make sure that every supplier is competing for your business.

Suppliers don’t charge me for going directly to them. Would I have to pay you?

There is no out-of-pocket cost for you to use Nextility’s services. We are paid a modest referral fee from the suppliers as a part of the contracting process. The rates we quote you are all inclusive and include the referral fee. Our structure is very similar to those used by insurance agents and financial planners.

Can you get a better rate than if I went directly to the suppliers?

Because we work with more than 20 of the top competitive energy suppliers, we are able to get our customers the lowest available rate in the marketplace. When you work directly with a single supplier, it is difficult to know whether or not the price is competitive.

Can you count on your supplier to give you unbiased advice?

Suppliers are limited to the rates and the products that they offer. Nextility works with over 20 of the top competitive energy suppliers so we can offer our customers a variety of options. We don’t play favorites, our fees are exactly the same.

Who provides better customer service?

With Nextility, you will be assigned a real person to handle your account. We compete for your business. We strive to earn it. Nextility will always recommend the supplier and plan that’s best for your business.

Who provides a single bill for your energy?

When you work with Nextility, you will get billed by the utility just like before. Everything stays the same except you pay a lower rate.

Who are the “good” and “bad” suppliers?

At Nextility, we carefully vet our suppliers and we review each supplier contract including all the fine print so we only recommend suppliers and offers that deliver what they promise.

Are you an energy expert?

At Nextility, we are energy experts that monitor and track the energy markets so we can provide you the guidance and advice that you need to make smart energy decisions.