Should You Stay With Your Energy Broker?

Not all brokers are created equal. Here’s 8 reasons we stand apart.

What makes Nextility different than my current broker?

We use technology to look beyond pricing. Our custom platform lets us automatically determine what supply agreement is optimal for you. That means basing our proposals on market trends and contract term as well as rates. We educate you as to what’s going on the market so you know you are making a smart energy decision.

Can Nextility get me a better rate than my current broker?

Unlike most brokers who only work with a handful of suppliers, we work with more than 20 of the top competitive energy suppliers.

That means we can always find the most competitive rates available in the marketplace. If pricing’s not good right away, our software will keep monitoring and alert you when conditions change in your favor.

Do you offer both power & natural gas?

Yes we do!Many brokers only offer either power or natural gas; we can handle both. We’re currently serving the power and natural gas needs of clients in 11 states including the District of Columbia. See where we can help you.

Do you serve small and large accounts?

Absolutely. Unlike other brokers, we don’t set a minimum size for your accounts. Our technology-based platform lets us effectively serve accounts of all sizes. That means smaller businesses who couldn’t otherwise afford an energy manager can enjoy that same service through Nextility, and bigger accounts who might already have an energy manager can have that work enhanced by our technology./p>

How do I know whether you are saving me money on my energy?

We provide our clients with Offer Summaries and Performance Reports that detail key aspects of your energy contract including rate, term, and performance vs. benchmark (utility rate and what you’ve paid historically.) We let our clients know how they’re doing. No other broker offers this type of reporting.

How does Nextility get paid?

When we sign you up with an energy supplier, we get a modest referral fee. There’s no sweetheart deals with suppliers, and we always disclose our fee in our proposals. There is no out-of-pocket cost for you to use our service.

Do you serve residential accounts?

Nextility only serves commercial and industrial accounts. Unlike other brokers who serve commercial and residential accounts, our services and attentions are focused solely on the business needs of our clients.

How do I know you will be around for the future?

Nextility was founded in 2009 and we’ve become one of the top retail energy brokers on the east coast. Our team serves hundreds of business in 11 states and the District of Columbia. We’re geared for growth!