This Is Energy Friendly
"We're real estate developers, and we've seen the power of Nextility's tools and services. We're confident this relationship will bear fruit for decades to come."
Mark, The Menkiti Group
What Sets Us Apart

There are many energy brokers out there - but none like us. We believe that better energy is about more than just finding the best prices - it’s about building a customer-centric energy offering that works for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Focused On Organizations
We don’t serve single-family accounts. This means we’re free to focus on building the best fixed rate energy offerings for all kinds of commercial and industrial customers, including schools, universities, office and apartment buildings, churches, restaurants, breweries, organic greenhouses, and beyond. Got one utility account? Five hundred? Bring ‘em on.
Driven By The Golden Rule
“Do unto others” drives every aspect of our business, from our energy plans to our product design to our data-driven email alerts. If we wouldn’t sign on an energy plan for ourselves, we wouldn’t ask a customer to sign it, either.
It’s not enough to claim to you have the best price - you have to show your work. All of our supply proposals show the rate and contract term length we’re recommending, a projected savings figure, and the next best rate/contract term offerings, so you know we’ve done due diligence.
No Gimmicks
We don’t believe in gimmicky incentive programs to sell energy, so we don’t offer them. No “teaser rates”, no points systems, no gift cards for signing up - these things create confusion and end up costing customers more money. We wouldn’t want that for ourselves, and we don’t want that for our customers.
“Nextility offers really, really good customer service...I really value knowing that Nextility is watching my customers' backs on my behalf.”
Garrett Stackman, Greenavise. Procurement Partner since 2014.