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Who is Nextility?

Nextility is a tech-driven energy company out to change the way organizations buy - and think about - energy. We're using technology to create an energy marketplace to provide access to savings opportunities, and we're working tirelessly to create a customer-centric experience to make you more confident in your energy decisions.

Energy friendly isn't just something we say, it's a part of who we are. Each of us is committed to constantly improving and developing our energy platform to better serve our customers and partners.

Nextility is proudly headquartered in Washington, DC.

Our History

2009: Foundation

In 2009, our founders created Skyline Innovations with the goal of helping small commercial building owners enjoy no-upfront cost energy savings through solar thermal (and later solar PV) systems.

2014: Skyline Innovations Becomes Nextility

In September 2014, we launched our energy platform, and changed our name to Nextility. Our new brand better reflects what we want to be - the energy company that's looking out for you, and the energy company you love.

2015: DGS Renewable DC Project

We had the honor of joining several other DC companies to build the DC Department of General Services' Renewable DC solar project. This portfolio of solar sites spanned 35 locations in the District and is expected to produce 11 megawatts of clean energy for the District.

2016: Focus On The Platform

In 2016, we decided to discontinue our solar thermal operations and begin winding down our solar PV projects. We did this in favor of focusing on our energy platform. Although we're not building new solar projects, our commitment to creating a marketplace for renewables hasn't wavered.

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